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Monument signs

Monument signs are typically installed near the entrance to your property when taller pylon signs are not appropriate. Monument signs are excellent options for attracting attention for your business especially when located near residential areas where taller signs would look out of place or when the sign's height is restricted by local ordinances, trees or power lines. 

Monument signage are often designed to match the business' architecture and will feature a similar stone or brick that is used on the building. Many monument signs simulate stone and brick with a durable foam or sculpted aluminum to save money without sacrificing durability.  

​Most new monument signage now feature LED lighting with bulbs that may not need changing for up to ten years. While their upfront cost is higher than older technologies, the cost and hassle to maintain the sign is greatly reduced.

For properties with more than one business, consider a monument signage with several advertising panels that can be sold to tenants on a monthly or annual basis. Digital display boards mounted to monument signs are another popular way to attract attention from passersby and may also provide another revenue generating option for property owners and managers.

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